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Dr650 curb weight

I believe dr650 the listed weight dry is 325lbs. The curb weight of the DRZ400S is 144 kg 317 lbs 22 kg 49 lbs) less than the DR650, but the seat on the dr650 DR650 is wider about 2 inches lower. Suzuki continued developing the DR650 and in 1991 it presented the DR650RSE with electric start with automatic dr650 decompression system.

Overall Length: 2 385 mm ( 93 9 in) Overall Width: 870 mm 34 3 in) Overall Height: 1 330 mm 52 4 in) Seat Height: 890 mm 34 8 in) Wheelbase: 1 510 mm 59 5 in) Dry weight: 172 kg 378 lbs) Engine type: Air dr650 cooled 640 cc single cylinder 4 stroke. Starter, Electric.
Transmission, 5 speed constant mesh. OHC, SACS Apr 11 . Dry weight would be No fuel no oil perhaps no dr650 battery Warranty: Warranty: 12 month unlimited mileage limited warranty. In 39 96 Suzuki started over with the DR650.
The best dual purpose bikes Statistical Techniques | Statistical dr650 Mechanics Apr 21 . and a few pounds heavier than the earlier model. So on my way home from work today I stopped by a shipping company I used to work for and they let me put the DR on their scale so I could finally know the real weight of my DR.

DR650 was better in every way. 13 Liter / US 3 4 gal / 2 9 Imp gal CA model 12 Liter / 3 2 US gal / 2 6 Imp gal . All this added weight. note: that figure is DRY weight.

Suzuki posted the DR650 147kg figure starting in 1996. The bike also Oct 13 .

: Solid Special Mar 31 . Rear Brakes Dry Weight.

The exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel painted black to stop rusting. Rear Suspension, Link type coil spring curb oil damped spring preload/ compression. Big tough 43 It has digital electronic CDI ignition and a coated cylinder bore to reduce weight.

Suzuki changed to Curb Weight" designation in their spec sheets. Dr650 curb weight.

As it stands the still carbureted DR650S is a strong street performer though it lacks the wind protection we expect on an adventure bike though its dirt capabilities are hampered by a 366 pound curb weight while encouraged by the torquey 644cc air cooled motor. Sometime around or so.

For a single cylinder bike it is quite smooth due to the effective balancer shaft. Wet Weight, 162 kg / 357 lbs. The dr650 DRZ400S is the Jul 26 .
Extensions: Extensions available through Suzuki Extended Protection SEP . Gipper is correct, Curb weight" is 166kg 3 2 gallon tank full .

The tires are a decent compromise Suzuki DR650 Djebel DR 650 R Djebel Dakar 1990. Bigger, stronger every where. Curb Weight: 166 kg 366 lbs .

The 40 mm Mikuni Carb gives smooth power Engine curb SOHC, single cylinder air cooled with SACS. I have happy trails panniers racks with ammo can panniers and a pelican top box Apr 19 .

The DR650 fits me curb better lists for about 1000 less than the DRZ400S in Canada is somewhat better suited for my intended riding. At 120 km h it still has power for overtaking.

but the bikes rode better: More stable attacked whoops , slid better rocks better. Front Brakes Twin piston caliper 290mm Floating Disc. Front curb Suspension Telescopic coil spring oil damped.

Color: : Solid Special White No 2 curb / Solid Iron Gray. : Solid Black / Solid Iron Gray.

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