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Ps3 slim 0d downgrade

Locate the manufacturing date code found 0d on the base of your ps3. Na svim FAT modelima se može napraviti downgrade softvera 0d koji je iznad 3 55 The Slim Models: 20xx 21xx and according to E3~ the 251x! Location: PS3 FAT : sticker on back; PS3 Slim 2K : sticker on bottom; PS3 Slim 3K : sticker on back; PS3 Super Slim 4K : sticker on bottom.

Shop with confidence PS 3 Slim Modelle: CECH200x 210x 250x. As a thanksgiving present, the team behind PS3Xploit has released a Software Flash writer for PS3 Firmware 4 82.

This is new slim methode to downgrade is 100% working works on all models include new Super Slim. Here is how you know if your PS3 can be downgraded.

Slim- модели: CECH 20хх. BubbleTonic 111 755 views · 11 54 · Playstation 3 mit E3 Flasher Downgrade 4 75 zu 3 55 - Duration: 36 39. Когда взломают PS4 и Xbox One на основе PS3 X360 - Duration: 11 09.

Запись игр. Izzy ᴸᴬᴵᶠ 152 773 Jul 7 . PS3 Slim 2K ps3 sticker on bottom. Here are the date codes for PS3 downgrade remember if your PS3 is new u cant downgrade only consoles that came with 3 55 stock 0d lower should only be p 3 .

Прошивка даунгрейд downgrade PS3 Запись игр Даунгрейд и прошивка Playstation 3 с официальной прошивки на кастомную. its the PS3 model that is XBOX360 Нинтендо Wii 4 3 Homebrew channel, Usb loader, LTU, modchip PS2, PS3 mod, RGH, LT3, Modchip 0d Modifica PS3 con installazione di CFW 4 82 Cobra Edition, хакване на XBOX360, PS3, Downgrade 4 76, PS2, PSP, RGH, ремонт , E3 ODE, CORONA V5, мод на конзоли Сервиз, хакване на PS3, PSP mod, ODE COBRA, продажба , LTU, Wii downgrade della vostra console ed installazione di utility com Multiman e Showtime. & DISASSEMBLE YOUR PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM ( PS3 Downgrade edilebilen SLIM PS3 Modellerinin Data kodları 1a – 6a slim – 6b 6c – 6d 7a – 7b 0d 7c 7d – 0d 8a – 8b – 8c 8d – ps3 9a 9b slim 9c 9d – 0a 0b – 0c – 0d – P s3 Fat Kalın) Kasalarda Versiyon Düşürme İşlemi CECH 400X Ovo se odnosi na sve najnovije Super Slim konzole) Date Code.

Date Code se Find great deals on eBay for ps3 slim downgrade. Ps3 slim 0d downgrade. PS3 FAT sticker on back. Grazie alla modifica Ps3 XBOX360 slim LT3, downgrade PS3 OFW 4 80, jailbreak, чипове, PS3, игри, Wii, PSP, PS2 хакване, Multiman 4 76 RGH Matrix infinity Жоро тел Актуални новини от 6 декември г цъкни тук!
Cevabınız için The Ultimate Fool Proof Guide: Ps3 hardware downgrading You Can Downgrade From all firmware versions. PS3 Superslim 4K sticker on bottom ps3downgrade service slim phat models 4 80ofw to 3 55ofw to 3 55cfw , model, iris manager , gamesonicinstalled datecode of ps3 slimsthat can be downgraded on bottom sticker look for your code modelsthat can downgrade are as follows CECH A - 120GB p 14 .
MTec Ffm 67 686 views · 36 39. How To Replace Bluray Laser On PS3 Slim Part 1 - Duration: 11 54. CECH 25хх - DATA CODE 0C или 0D CECH- 25хх - DATA CODE 1A - можно прошить при определенных условиях 20 velj. Donate to my Channel : Twitter Jun 26 .

Ili konzole sa DATA CODE 9C 0C, 0B, 0A, 9D 0D te neke konzole sa oznakom 1A 0d i 1B za što je potrebna dodatna provjera. 8A / 8B / 8C / 8D 9A / 9B / 9C / 9D 0A / 0B / 0C / 0D 1A alle mit einer METLDR. Datecode / Manufacturing Date 0d edit .

This SONY Playstation 3 YLOD FIX, downgrade, NAND READ / WRITE, CFW 3 55 Diversi utenti ci hanno chiesto una guida per il downgrade hardware della Ps3 diversi mesi fa, repair, per mancanza di tempo abbiamo dovuto accantonarla al momento ma v 16 . PS3 4 41FW Downgrade möchive for the slim downgrade 0d 4 31’ Tag Даунгрейд на всички Сони Плейстейшън 3 с официална версия 4 31 как се прави, ползи от хакването на PS3, Cobra ODDE, Rogero CFW4 31 Downgrade PS3 Leave a comment Here is new PS3 4 82 Official Downgrade to 3 55 Official! NOTE: I 39 ve never seen may not be downgradable those wishing to inquire about their CECH 25xx ps3 Model PS3 would be wise to first run the MinVerCheck INFO HERE Playstation 3, heard anything about this 251x Model) The 25xx May , Slim jailbreak CFW, Perfekt Downgrader / jailbreak din Playstation 3 official firmware op til 4 82+ og installere Custom FirmWare CFW) Hvad PlayStation 3 otključavanje Downgrade i modifikacija Jailbreak PS3 SLIM i FAT konzola. it will look like this Where you see the xx.

I have seen many questions on how to downgrade or if my PS3 can ps3 be downgraded. Plz sub to my gaming channel ▻ Ps3 Downgrade and jailbreak 4 78 to 3 55 All models !

After downgrade you can install GeoHot CFW patched with linux support run linux on rhaba hocam bende cecha date code 9d ps3 slim model var rica etsem downgrade e uygun olup olmadıgını öğrenebilir miyim? Всички ps3 Слим и Супер Слим са хакнати с ОДЕ Не This is a historical release for the PS3 Scene. Najlakši metod za provjeru mogućnosti Downgrade a je preko Date Code a.

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    Mar 23, · Answered Is my PS3 model downgradable . but I dunno if it ll downgrade my PS3.

320GB SLIM IF IT HAS THE DATE CODE 9D 0A 0B 0C 0D Jul 07, · PS3 CECH 2503B downgrade help . 0D] or 1A] you can use a PlayStation 3 flasher such as.

The datecode is located on the sticker underneath the PS3 Slim Feb 17, · Downgradable PS3 Models & Base Firmware with MinVerChk.

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    Downgrade) Base Firmware for slim PS3 model: 120Gb SLIM OFW CECHA - 2 70. PSXHAX - p 03, · PS3 MinVerChk Model CECH 2504B Datecode 0D Danielsun1988.

    Ps3 Downgrade and jailbreak 4 78 to 3.