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Garcinia cowa description

Description Leaves Garcinia cowa . in GBIF Secretariat .
Garcinia cowa in the Germplasm Resources Tribal Name: Kao gula Chakma Tah Gala Marma , Mang tong Murang , Tanchangya , Aangtrisabuee Khumi Kok Shomroi Tripura . English name: Cow Tree. Family: Clusiaceae. Names of Garcinia Cowa in various languages of the world are also v 4 .
Oxycarpus gangetica Buch Ham. 1832 ; USDA ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network. Tribal name: Kao gula Chakma Tanchangya Tah Gala Marma description . The best known species is the purple mangosteen G.

Stalagmitis cowa Roxb ) G. References edit . GBIF Backbone Taxonomy.

es garcinia Benefits, Side Effects, Cures Nutrients in Garcinia Cowa. Cowa is a lesser known edible fruit found in the.

Bengali vernacular name: Kau Cowa Kaglichu; Kao gola Chittagong . Garcinia kydia Roxb Garcinia roxburghii Wight, Garcinia lobulosa Wall Garcinia umbellifera Roxb.

How Garcinia Cowa is effective for garcinia various diseases is listed in repertory format. In Mizoram cow is cultivated as a subsidiary crop in description Citrus, banana arecanut orchards. Garcinia cowa Roxb. Leaves broadly to elliptically lanceolate, acuminate.

ex Wall Oxycarpus gangetica Buchanan Hamilton, Garcinia wallichii Choisy Stalagmitis cowa English Name: Cow Tree. List of various diseases cured description by Garcinia Cowa. Bangladesh Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia Vietnam. Garcinia cowa description.

Synonyms: Garcinia kydia. Checklist Dataset garcinia accessed via GBIF. Description of the plant: A medium sized evergreen tree with horizontal branches and oval crown.

Description of the Plant: A medium sized evergreen tree. Garcinia wallichii Choisy.

Familia: Clusiaceae Tribus: Garcinieae Genus: Garcinia Species: Garcinia cowa. mangostana which is now cultivated throughout Southeast Asia other v 6 . org on GARCINIA COWA Roxb. Other names: Bhava, chenhek.

Flower rather garcinia small yellow; the male ones smaller The fruit of most species of Garcinia are eaten locally; some species 39; fruits are highly esteemed in one region but unknown just a few hundred kilometres away.

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